Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS
Free People

Free People Tank Top Red Scarlet XS

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Lightweight Top, Tank Top, blouse by Free People.
Stunning red color. The fabric is like new.
Flirty long Top, sexy as a mini dress with a smooth touch, 

Shipped by LA STYLE INSPO from Los Angeles, CA.

Beautiful top, great coverage!. You will love the fall and quality of the fabric. 

CONDITION: Perfect, Like New. Flawless
MATERIAL:    Poly.
VEGAN:         Yes

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